Gear from top down:

  • Yamaha MX-A5200 Power Amplifier - 11 channels x 150w speaker power.
  • Yamaha CX-A5100 - Audio video processor. It acts as a surround sound processor with the Yamaha power amp driving the speakers.
  • Panasonic DP-UB9000 - 4K Blu-ray player connected via HDMI to Sony 4K TV and wireless to the Epson projector.
  • Velodyne SMS-1 - Subwoofer management system. This device smooths out the room peaks and troughs for the two subwoofers.
  • Shengya CS-CDS10II - Valve hybrid CD player. I've linked to the Vincent site as Shengya is the OEM for this product. Having a tube preamp section gives a liquid sound with crystal clear highs.
  • NAD C510 - DAC. This is an outstanding DAC that does the digital to analgue conversion for the WIIM Pro Plus.
  • Sony PS5 - Sony PS5 gaming console.
  • Wiim Pro Plus( Not visible) - Digital music streamer. This is a great value music streamer that allows me to steam Tidal and Spotify into the system. The NAD C510 handles the digital to analogue conversion duties.
  • Apple TV (Not visible) - Apple TV media player. Used to stream iTunes from the mac mini itunes server to the Sony 4K TV and projector.
  • D-Link DGS-1008D Gigabit Ethernet Switch (Not visible) - Provides gigabit ethernet connectivity for devices to the house network. This includes Internet and NAS's.

Other components:

  • QNAP TS-653D - QNAP TS-653D NAS. This is a 6 bay NAS that feeds content to Plex. This is linked via gigabit ethernet.
  • Xantech IR Extender - IR remote transmitter
  • HD Fury Vertex - For splitting the HDMI signal between the Epson wireless transmitter and the TV
  • Projector screen 12volt trigger control - Automatically lowers / raises screen when projector is turned on / off.
  • Martin Logan Motion 60XT - Left and right front speakers. These are large floor standers that have great powerful sound for both movies and music.
  • Martin Logan Motion 50XT - Centre channel in cabinet. This is the matching centre channel for the 60XT's.
  • Martin Logan Motion FX Surrounds - 4 x FX surround speakers mounted on walls. These are the matching surrounds for the Martin Logan 60 & 50XT's also using folded ribbon tweeters.
  • Martin Logan MC6 ATMOS speakers - 4 x MC6 ceiling speakers mounted in the ceiling for ATMOS. These have the same folded ribbon tweeters as the other Martin Logan speakers.
  • 2 x SVS SB13 Ultra subwoofers - 13.5" Sealed Subwoofers 1000W each (left and right sides in cabinet). these are big subs, each one weighing 45kg. They use the STA-1000D Sledge digital amps with digital volume control. They do a good job filling the 6.0 x 6.5m x 2.8m family room. See the SMS-1 graph here
  • Grandview - 102" Motorised Screen (controlled by projector) in ceiling bulkhead.

  • Sony 77" A80K - 77" 4K OLED TV. This is a 4K (3840 2160) TV. High def content on this TV is like looking out a window.
  • Xantech - IR receiver - recieves IR and relays to HT cupboard
  • Epson 9300W - Projector. This is a faux 4K 3LCD with a razor sharp image and rich saturated colours. It can receive a 4K signal wirelessly via its wireless transmitter.
  • Harmony 1100 - Programmable remote control. This unit allows the system to be turned on or off with the press of a single button. This is an extremely powerful remote that can control everything from the HT setup to the lights and air conditioner. The kids just have to pick it up and press the activity they want and the 1100 does the rest. As you can appreciate its not really designed to be thrown around or dropped during general TV viewing, this is where the Harmony one comes into play.
  • Harmony Elite - Programmable Remote Control. This is the main remote control used by the kids for general tv viewing. While the Harmony 1100 is a very powerful remote than can control the whole system its not 'kid safe'. It really does a great job of integrating all these components into a family friendly remote. The other great thing is that due to its blu-tooth it can control non-ir based devices like the Apple TV 4K or PS4.

Equipment Wiring Diagrams

The diagrams to the right detail how the system is wired together.

  1. Wire equipment into both the TV and Projector.

IR Repeater Equipment

To have HT gear out of sight requires a means to receive the IR signal from the remote. This is achieved though Xantech IR repeater equipment. A IR sensor at the front of the room received the IR signal. It then sends it via a wire to the IR connection block (Red +12v, Black ground, White IR signal). The connection block then distributes it to the IR emitters attached. The emitters then repeat the signal to the IR receiver on the corresponding piece of HT gear. In some cases an emitter is not needed and the IR signal can be inputed directly from the connection block into the HT gear via a 3.5mm mono cable,. This is the case with the Rotel Processor and Denon 2900 DVD player. Pictures clockwise show:

  1. IR Receiver.

  2. IR Connection Block.

  3. IR Emitter.

  4. IR Direct Input.